Analyzing Learning and Working Behaviour of Students with E-Learning Support

Report - Individual Project - Spring Semester 2018

With proceeding digitization in educational realms, today’s learning more and more involves the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS). These systems (like ILIAS in the actual case) can be customized to individual needs and accessed and used with an ordinary browser. Within this online e-learning system, lecturers, tutors, and students are able to communicate and work together in various different ways. All this actions and connections between users, as they are happening…

Neural Net - The ultimate Answer to all Machine Learning Problems?

Comparing different ML Approaches on Data on Voluntary Action - Advanced Quantitative Methods - Spring Semester 2018

The buzzwords “Machine Learning”, “Neural Networks” and “Artifical Intelligence” hover through the air wherever people are working with large sets of data, also called Big Data. Such approaches are already in use for friendship recommendations on Facebook, for improving the quality of your smartphone pictures or for reducing waste by regulating product orders of supermarkets. They improve predictions wherever there is enough data to “learn” from. But this trend just starts to be relevant for…

Investigating Number of Speeches in Parliament

Data Essay - Lecture Quantitative Methods - Fall Semester 2017

The purpose of this data essay is to examine whether different electoral regimes affect the participation of members of parliament (MP) in parliamentary debates. The task was to empirically test two hypotheses that claim opposing effects of ideological distance on the number of speeches delivered by MPs in proportional and majoritarian systems.